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From October of 2010 until 26th May 2012 I lived overseas in Thailand.   Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries I have been to.  The culture is rich, the people are kind, and the food is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!  You didn’t have to go even a city block to find food carts just waiting to serve you the most tasty and cheap Thai food.  We ate local as much as we could.  When we repatriated we found ourselves craving the delicious street food we swore by in Thailand.  So, when we came home to find the food truck phenomenon had taken over the bay area we were excited to re-gain the same “street food” feeling but “SAME SAME” it was not!  It was something totally new and totally different from the street food I had become accustomed to in Thailand. 

Off the Grid is a mobile meeting of different food trucks.  The world’s food is well represented.  You can find amazing fusion tacos, garlic noodles whose recipe is probably more well guarded than the crown jewels, bahn mi sandwiches, good ol’ American bbq, to falafels to curries to just about anything you could ever desire.  I am still waiting to come across a Thai food truck to give it a whirl!

Unlike the street food carts in Thailand, the food trucks are a bit more gourmet, and a bit more pricey.  I have gone to a few off the grid’s and my average meal has run me between 8-18 USD.  But I have to say, the food is pretty good.  The great thing about the whole set up, where a group of trucks meet in one location, is they provide seating and sometimes entertainment.  The not so great thing is there are so many trucks to choose from and only so much room in my stomach.

Pictured above:

Just before opening at the weekly off the grid in Larkspur, California.  Every Sunday, rain or shine, from 11:00 -15:00 hours about 6-7 food trucks line up and open for business.  This location is great!  From the parking lot of the venue there is a great view of the Larkspur Landing ferry building and ferries.  You can sit, enjoy good food and have a great view!

Pictured above:

The very first food truck I tried, Little Green Cyclo, a food truck serving Vietnamese dishes like the bahn mii sandwich.  Definitely a bit pricier than my favorite spot on Clement in the city but it was pretty tasty.

Pictured above:

My lemongrass pork bahn mii sandwich with coriander (cilantro) and pickled veggies.

Pictured above:

The Rib Whip: Delicious bbq.  This truck is usually at the Larkspur Off The Grid.

Pictured above:

The bbq brisket sandwich from the Rib Whip food truck.  Just the right size and it was aroi (delicious).


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