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Thai Lemongrass Pork Recipe

Today is the day, in the States, we observe Labor Day.  Labor day is a public holiday recognizing the working people, hey that’s me!  I love it because it creates a 3-day weekend, and any day away from work makes me a happy camper.  I really miss the days in Thailand when my only work was teaching my cute little Thai children how to speak phaasaa angrit (English).    

My brother told me my parents, my sister and her family were all meeting up in the city (San Francisco) today and he was going to take my sister’s boys to Great America (an amusement park) and that I should meet up with my parents.  Sounded like a perfect way to spend my day off work.  But fortunately, the responsible college student in me had to decline because I was going to spend my day off learning about Field Methods and Social Psychology- fun fun!  It actually worked out well, though.  I had the house to myself because the Husband had to work.  His job runs 24/7 and doesn’t care if today is supposed to be a day the workers don’t have to work.  

So, after a long day of studying I took a break to think about dinner.  For those of you who know me, know I think about dinner a lot.  I hadn’t been to the grocery store this weekend so off I went to the market, but what was I going to cook for dinner?  I knew I had a taste for Thai food but didn’t want the usual dishes, phad gra praow gai, pad thai, tom ka gai so I thought I would do something a little different.  I landed on the idea for lemongrass pork with jasmine rice.  It was, as you would say in Thai, aroi maak maak, very, very delicious!

Here is my recipe.

For 2-3 servings:

1/3 lb of pork tenderloin, sliced

2 lemongrass stalks, finely chopped

4 green onions, thinly sliced

12 black peppercorn, crushed

2 tbsp groundnut oil, for cooking

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 Thai chilies, chopped (remove seeds for less heat)

1 tsp soft light brown sugar

2 tbsp Thai fish sauce

1/4 c unsalted peanuts, chopped

4 tbsp water

cilantro for garnish

Pictured above: 

In a bowl mix the pork, green onion, lemongrass, and black pepper.  Cover with plastic and leave to marinate for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Pictured above:

In a wok on medium to high heat, add the groundnut oil and when hot add the pork that has been marinating.  Stir-fry pork until it starts to brown.

Pictured above:

Add the garlic and the chilies and continue to stir-fry to brown the pork.  Turn the heat down a little if your wok is too hot.

Pictured above:

Add the brown sugar, fish sauce, peanuts and give a good stir in the wok.  When the ingredients have been mixed together add the water to loosen up the sauce.  At this point, adjust your seasonings (add more black pepper if needed).

Pictured above:

Stir-fried lemongrass pork with cilantro garnish.

Pictured above:  

I like to eat mine with jasmine rice but you could also use cooked rice noodles as well.


This dish is so tasty and so quick to make.  Just like with most other Asian dishes, preparation is key.  Wok dishes cook so fast, you want to have all your ingredients ready to go.



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