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Mac & Cheese

When you think back to your childhood and remember your lunches what do you think of?  Bologna and mayo sandwiches? PB&J’s? Or what about that cheesy goodness that came from an orange powder in a blue box?  Ding Ding!  I loved mac & cheese growing up.  What made it taste even better was cut up hot dogs and ketchup, yes ketchup.

 Now, that I am all grown up, or at least that’s what they tell me, I still love mac & cheese but just not out of that blue box.  My friend from class introduced me to a restaurant that is mac & cheese for adults, a more mature version of mac & cheese.  The menu had mac & cheese dishes with goat cheese, or bacon and garlic, it even had one with hot dogs and crumbled potato chips -YUM!

Homeroom is a super cute restaurant.  It is a great little neighborhood spot, but also worth the drive.  It is non-pretentious and inviting.  And most importantly, it was delicious!  

Pictured above:  The outside of homeroom.  We did have about a 10 minute wait but well worth it.  This was on a Friday afternoon, I imagine the wait to be longer on the weekend or on a cold winter’s evening.  Mac & cheese = comfort all the way!

Pictured above:  homeroom is located in Oakland, California on the corner of Shafter and 40th.

Pictured above:  The menu.  A great selection of mac & cheese dishes, and though mac & cheese is their speciality they offer other dishes as well.  They have sandwiches, salads, veggies and more.

Pictured above:  One of the back walls was painted and made into a chalk board.  Super cute.

Pictured above:  Not only homeroom, but also a library?

Pictured above:  This large table makes it great if you are dining along or with a friend.

Pictured above:  Spring Mac.  The before.

Pictured above:  A cool and refreshing iced tea.  Love how they serve in the jars.

Pictured above:  Spring mac.  The after.  I wasn’t able to finish it all so I brought some home for the Husband.

Pictured above:  The lid of my to-go container.  What a great little spot.  



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