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Food Truck Me!


November is in full swing.  Our President is still our President.  Fall is definitely in the air.  And the Chairman has a new loyal customer for life or as long as my arteries will allow it!

Some friends and I had a tradition, before I moved to Thailand, where we would meet at least once a month for a meal to catch up on each other’s lives, laugh about the memories of the past, and just to keep in touch.  Now, that I have been back the tradition is back on.  It has become my new favorite way to spend a Sunday; head to Larkspur’s Off the Grid, meet my friend Chelsea for a meal and just hang out before the duties of house chores call too loudly.

Today, to my joyous surprise, The Chairman food truck was parked happily right along side the other trucks.  The Chairman is a vibrant red food truck that serves steamed buns and baked bun sandwiches. I had seen this truck before but they were about 20 minutes late opening so I had to pass it up but I vowed that one day I would try it.

So, today was that day!  I cannot get over the flavors in the steamed bun sandwiches and the reasonable prices.  I just had to share this food truck with the world…or those of you who are reading this!  With good food, good company and some of those California rays, I could not go wrong today!

Pictured above:  

The Chairman food truck.  

Pictured above:

My food heaven.  In the forefront is the tender pork belly with tumeric pickled daikon and green shiso.  The daikon pickled with tumeric was one of the most delicious things ever!  The daikon still had some of its crunch and the tumeric added a bright, vibrant yellow color.  A nice way to add a little acidity to the pork belly!  Pork belly is a delicious thing!  We ate a lot of it in Thailand, usually make very crispy.  This pork was so tender and so smooth it just melted in your mouth.  I am, and will forever be, a fan of anything pork belly.

Pictured above:

On the (L) Coca-cola braised pork with savory cabbage, yellow mustard seeds and kewpie mayo.  This pork, having been braised in coca-cola had a sweet and savory flavor to it.  The savoy cabbage was a great way to cut the richness.  I loved the touch of mustard seeds for some added flavor and texture.  

Pictured above:

The Chairman Menu.  At 3.25 to 3.75 USD for their steamed buns you can afford to get a couple different ones.  I just had the two and definitely could have gone back for more but I will save my appetite for the next time The Chairman and I run into each other.  It will probably be on purpose, that’s for sure!


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