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Oppa Potluck Style

For awhile I thought my new blog was having somewhat of an identity crisis, but it’s identity has been staring at me in the face all along.  Duh!  Korean Eyes: the world as I see it is all about my life through food.  I have mentioned before that food is a huge part of my world and the world around me.  It brings family and friends together and last night was no exception.  Thank you Mei for hosting such a wonderful potluck dinner, and for an evening filled with laughter, wine and some great food –  Oppa Potluck Style!

Below are some of the food pics.  What a fun evening!

Pictured above:  Some of the delicious wines we drank.  

Pictured above:

Vietnamese shrimp toast.  Toasted baguette topped with a creamy shrimp and green onion.  I must have eaten about 7 of these.  They were so tasty and nice and warm, fresh out of the oven!

Pictured above:

We had two styles of this beef salad.  We had one Lao version and one Vietnamese version.  The beef salad was served with crispy shrimp cake wafers.  

Pictured above:

A Lao version of green papaya salad.  Lao, Thai or whatever, doesn’t matter…I love this stuff!

Pictured above:

Tomato and Beef stew served over noodles.  This dish was so good and so full of flavors.  The beef was so tender and all the veggies were full of the tomato flavor from the sauce.  Yum!

Pictured above:

What is better than a pot full of chicken?  This went great with the sticky rice (not pictured).

Pictured above:

Who doesn’t love coriander (cilantro)?  Coriander is a great garnish for almost anything.  It went nicely with the beef stew helping to open up all the flavors.

Pictured above:

Ribs.  Need I say more??

Pictured above:

Not the most beautiful looking cake but it sure taste good.  I made a 4 layered red velvet and lemon cake with buttercream icing.  I have never claimed to be a baker and this is a great example of why, ha ha!

Pictured above:

Representing most of Asia.  From Vietnam, China, Korea and Laos; Lisa, Mei, me, and Seng.  

2 thoughts on “Oppa Potluck Style

  1. Wow, you took some amazing pics!!! Thank you so much for coming!! I really enjoy u guys’s company! That cake was amazing, Landon kept telling me to hide that cake from him!! Hahahah!!

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