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Thanksgiving – Thai Style

I find myself constantly thinking about my time with my Husband and our glorious 21 months in Thailand.  And, really, how could I not?  Thailand was a wonderful experience and for heavens sake, it hasn’t even been 7 months that we have been home yet.  As we are all preparing for our Thanksgiving feasts I am reminded of another one of my fond memories – my Thanksgiving, Thai Style.  

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in the States.  It is a time for families and friends to come together to have a nice meal together and give thanks.  Last year, the Husband and I celebrated Thanksgiving in Krabi, Thailand.  We didn’t have cold weather, burnt orange leaves on the trees, or the smells of spiced cider and turkey.  What we did have was an amazing Andaman Sea with colors of blue, turquoise, and greens.  We had warm, tropical weather.  We had monkeys and their babies.  And we had some of the most delicious and fresh Thai food around.  

Though we were missing our turkey and stuffing, we were happy just the same.  I look back to last year and I am thankful I had such a wonderful opportunity.  Krabi, Thailand, is by far, one of my favorite spots in Thailand.  I dream about the day when I will return but for now, I will settle for my photo memories!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  

Pictured above:

Our ride for the day.  You could private charter a long tail boat for the day for about $50 USD or you could catch a ride with others and island hop for $10 USD.  

Pictured above:  

Looking for a parking spot at Phra Nang Beach.  A short long tail boat ride from Ao Nang Beach.

Pictured above:

A momma monkey (ling) and her baby.  They have evolved and now eat people food.  Cute, but maybe not the best thing?

Pictured above: 

After a day of island hopping it was time for our Thanksgiving meal.  Fried fish with garlic and coriander.

Pictured above:

Pak bung aka morning glory.  Stir-fried with oyseter sauce and garlic and chilies.  This is, by far, one of my most favorite dishes!

Pictured above:

Garlic chicken.  Yum!

Pictured above:

Som tum aka papaya salad.

Pictured above:

The Husband and I, Thankgiving 2011.  


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