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Pinole Valley Farmer’s Market

In Thai, an outdoor market is called a dalaat but here in the States we call it a Farmer’s Market.  The Pinole Farmer’s Market is located in Old Town Pinole and is now open year round, rain or shine, hot or cold (today was definitely the latter).  It is the first time I have gone to a Farmer’s Market since returning to the States, I always seem to forget about them.  In Thailand, I used to frequent the dalaat on a weekly basis gathering all my fresh herbs, produce and delicious Thai fruits.

I usually go to Berkeley Bowl for my Asian type produce but today, by some sort of miracle, I remembered the Saturday Farmer’s Market and headed downtown.  Farmer’s markets are great!  They have all the freshest produce, savory treats, handcrafted items and even eggs.  Many of the vendors are local and organic and the prices are pretty good, especially since you are seeing where your food is coming from.

I have to say, going to a dalaat here in the States is less exhausting.  In Thailand, the markets all have sheets hanging from their stalls to block the sun, great right?  Well, the coverings create a furnace while walking through the skinny isles of hoards of people.  They are hot, hot and hot!  So, the nice crisp winter air mixed with the few that come out to buy is a nice change.  photo 1

Pictured above:

This vendor had almost everything I would have gotten at an Asian Market. It had my on choy, coriander (sadly no roots), mint, chinese long beans, green onions, ginger and my carrots (for som tum, green papaya salad), red onions, bell peppers and much much more!
photo 2

Pictured above:

The market sits in a parking lot, not too many people there today and nice large walking isles.

photo 3

Pictured above:

Organic kale.  This vendor had about 4 different varieties.

photo 4

Pictured above:

Produce makes for wonderful photographs!

photo 3_2

Pictured above:

I was able to get my savoy cabbage here for my asian cole slaw for my pork belly and steamed buns (

photo 4_2

Pictured above:

The cool weather may have been keeping people at home and bundled up.  Brr…it is chilly today!

photo 1_2_2

Pictured above:

3 day old, large and extra large organic brown eggs from Manteca, CA.  These eggs have the brightest yellow yolks, reminds me of the eggs in Thailand.  I bought a dozen.
photo 3_2_2

Pictured above:

Grapes and persimmons.  Quite a change from the dalaat in Thailand, they would have had dragon fruit, jack fruit, mangosteens and more.
photo 4_2_2

Pictured above:

Sweet and savory crepes.

photo 2_2_2_2Pictured above:

My score.  I got kale, carrots, long beans, savoy cabbage, on choy, ginger, bell peppers, lemongrass, eggs, mint, coriander, arugula, mixed salad greens, broccoli, and green onions.  I took 25 USD with me and came home with $2.50.  Not nearly as cheap as a dalaat in Thailand but not bad for some of the freshest produce and eggs out there!  I have many delicious dishes in the making with all of these gorgeous ingredients!



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