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How to Fold Plastic Bags for Easy Home Storage

Stop!  Do not buy those overpriced plastic storage bag containers anymore!  Online they  can run anywhere from $9.99 to over $30.  There is a much easier and CHEAPER way to store plastic grocery bags.  Just follow these simple steps below.

Step 1:  Find a flat surface and gather your shopping bags.

photo 1

Step 2: Flatten out shopping bag.

photo 2

Step 3:  Fold the bag in half, length wise.

photo 3

Step 4:  Fold one more time and smooth out the bag moving from bottom to top to remove any air in the bag.

photo 4

Step 5:  Start from the bottom and fold one side over to make a triangle shape. 

photo 5

Step 6:  Continue folding bag until you have the handles left sticking out.  Tuck the handles into the triangle.

photo 2_2

Step 7:  Voila!  A perfect little plastic triangle.  Store these in a drawer for easy storage.

photo 3_2Cheers!


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