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Pretty and Pink Pomelo

I was first introduced to Pomelo while living in Thailand.  A co-worker of the Husband gave me some Pomelo for my birthday and after that I wondered to myself, “Pomelo, where have you been all my life?”

Not unlike a grapefruit, the pomelo comes in a yellow/white flesh and also a pink flesh (the latter is definitely my favorite).  The outside skin is ranges in color from a pale yellow to green and is very thick.  Pomelos are sweet and not as tart as your average grapefruit and the fruit is about twice the size.  The large pulp of the Pomelo explode in your mouth like the best water fights at Songkran.  

In Thai, Pomelos are called Som Oh.  At the local outdoor markets (called dalaat) you can find the Pomelo already stripped of its rind and pith and ready to eat and all for less than 1 dollar US.  Unfortunately here in the States, you will not find the Pomelo already peeled and must do it yourself.

My average times for peeling range anywhere from 1 to 1 1/2 hours but with each one I am getting quicker!  I have been able to find these at Asian/ethnic markets and speciality markets. If you see one, try it out as I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how delicious they are (once you get past the peel, that is).

photo 1

Pictured above:

The wonderful Pomelo.

photo 2

Pictured above:

I am going 3

Pictured above:

The outer layer has been removed and now onto the inner layer.

photo 1_2

Pictured above:

Almost there.  All the skin and rind has been removed, now just onto the inner skin of the fruit.

photo 2_2

Pictured above:

Getting in.  Though the skin attached to the fruit is edible, take the time to remove it as it can add a bitterness that is not desirable.

photo 3_2Pictured above:

1 1/2 hours later…the finished product.  I like to refrigerate the peeled fruit so I can eat it cold but feel free to enjoy any way you like!

Cheers and Happy Eating!


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