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Guay Teow Nua (Beef Noodle Soup)

Every Sunday, rain or shine, the Thai Temple located in Berkeley, California is open for lunch.  Wat Mongkolratanaram is located on Russell Street off of MLK Jr. Way.  It is a gem hidden amongst a quiet Berkeley neighborhood.  It was first introduced to me by my brother who discovered by overhearing a conversation at Cafe Gratitude.

When I moved back state side I was eager to try the Thai food at the Thai Temple as I was and still am missing Thailand very much.  The menu ranges from fried chicken and sticky rice to vegetarian curries to the delicious, and my personal favorite, guay teow nua, which literally translates to –  noodle beef.  

The beef noodle soup has such an intense, multi-layered beef broth that will send you into soup heaven!  You have your choice of large, medium or small rice noodles but all soups come with beef balls, pieces of beef, and the vegetables.  This soup goes perfect on a cold day like today, or a hot day, it basically goes well with any season!  

If you are ever in the Berkeley area on a Sunday swing by.  You convert your dollars into tokens and pay the suggested “donation” price for each meal.  My soup is 7 tokens or 7 dollars and worth every penny!  It leaves you full and satisfied.  

photo 3

Guay teow nua w/chili sauce.

photo 4

In Thai if you find something to be tasty you say, “Aroi maak maak” or It is very, very delicious.

photo 5Who doesn’t love noodles?

Cheers and happy eating!


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