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Go Vegan ?

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a new year resolution but it just so happens that this year I have made a conscious decision to be more proactive about trying new things.  Coincidence?  Perhaps, even though Freud who I has been an integral part of my studies said there were no such thing as coincidences.  Regardless, things happen for a reason and my new-found decision to try new things is real.

My brother asked if I wanted to go on a “food adventure” and given adventures in food is one of my main categories in this blog, and my new willingness to try new things I couldn’t help but say yes.  Honestly, I thought he was going to ask me to go on a hike so going to eat was a much easier and less of a  forced “yes” from my mouth.

photo 1

This food adventure took me to a quaint little Vegan and Organic eatery called Potala Vegan Restaurant** in Albany, CA (just a quick drive from the house).  I have had vegan food before and, though it isn’t typically my first choice, it isn’t bad.  Potala is modestly decorated with Tibetan decor on the walls and booths lining the dining room.  There is a long table in the center of the restaurant where singles can come eat alone or strike up a conversation with another diner.

The menu is set and changes each day of the week.  You can order each dish a la carte or as a medium or full size.  The medium is plenty and I couldn’t even finish that.  Our menu started with a black eye pea and vegetable soup followed by the main plate consisting of brown rice with quinoa, baked squash with beets, lentils and corn, steamed collard greens with a miso onion sauce and a mixed green salad with a balsamic 3

It was delicious and I left feeling full but not guilty.  You know what I am talking about.  The meal alone has not convinced me to give up my cow, my pork, my chicken and fish, not to mention giving up butter and eggs; however, it has reconfirmed my notion to try new 2I like the concept.  I like that the chef has a daily set menu.  It takes a lot of the guesswork off of these new eateries with pretentious menus that you feel like you need an interpreter just to order your starter.  If you are ever in Albany, or see restaurants that offer this type of no hassle, good food dining do be adventurous and give it a try.  You may find yourself pleasantly surprised like I was.

**for restaurant information, visit my Where to Eat page

Cheers and happy eating!


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