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Fresh Spring Rolls

After living in Thailand for almost two years, I became very inspired to cook and create new dishes that I had not been used to cooking pre-Thailand.  Fresh spring rolls could be found on many of the Thai menus but when I think of them, I tend to think 1_2

My sister-in-law Charlotte is a fantastic cook.  She and my brother have had us over countless times to eat the most delicious Vietnamese food.  She makes the most wonderful fresh spring rolls.  Each time we have had them they have had different fillings.  That is what I love about these things.  You can basically fill them with whatever you want.  In true “Fay thinks she’s bored so she is going to create” fashion, I decided to give making fresh spring rolls another go. photo 2_2

For my filling I used two different types of mint, cilantro, lettuce leaf, shredded daikon, shredded carrot, sliced green onion, vermicelli noodles and braised pork belly.  I basically just looked at what I had in the fridge and went for 3

The wrappers come in a variety of brands and this is the one I grabbed off the supermarket shelf.  I think the elephant on the label attracted me to this 4

For anyone who has ever made these, you know that dipping the dry wrapper in a bowl of warm water (to soften) can be quite a task.  More times than not, the wrapper folds on itself and it is nearly impossible to unfold without ripping.  Enter this genius of a kitchen tool!  Charlotte gave me this wonderful invention to aid in the making of fresh spring rolls.

photo 5

You basically dip the wrapper in the warm water and spin it around.  The slender shape of this tool keeps the wrapper from folding over on itself and makes for easier construction of the spring 1_2_2

Another great tool when making the fresh spring rolls is this plastic mesh plate.  It just sits atop a plate, and you can put the softened wrapper on top and it makes assembling your spring rolls so much easier!photo 2_2_2

Making fresh spring rolls is a lot like making a burrito.  You simply put your ingredients in the center and the wrapper and just start building your roll.  I started with the lettuce and the 3_2

Then moved to the herbs and the meat before adding the vermicelli noodles.  Once all my goodies are added it is time to roll the spring roll.  And here is where it becomes like assembling a burrito.  Simply fold the bottom portion of the wrapper toward the top, tuck in the sides and roll tight like a burrito.  Sure, I make it sound so simple but I still need a lot of practice.  But what did we always learn as little children?  “Practice makes perfect!”photo 1I have to say, mine are not the most beautiful looking but they sure tasted delicious and are a great guilt-free snack or meal.  

Cheers and happy eating!


6 thoughts on “Fresh Spring Rolls

  1. Hi there! I’m actually browsing difference recipes for spring rolls, and how to make it easier/time efficient. This tool you wrote about sounds interesting, and I was wondering if you could be more specific and give me some info about them 🙂 thank you!

    1. Sure! So, imagine holding a dry spring roll paper in your hand (thumb and pointer finger at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock) and turn the paper clockwise moving your grasp from 3 am 9 o’clock to 12 and 6 o’clock. this is the basic motion you would be doing to wet the spring roll paper in the little contraption. It really helps to wet the papers without them folding over on itself. My sis-in-law got mine for me in a big Asian market but I recently have seen them pop up at the smaller Asian markets as well.

      I hope this helps but please feel free to ask anything else!

      Cheers and happy eating! Fay.

  2. I just thought i’d comment quickly to say that if people find these wrapper mesh plates where they live, you could make them out of plastic canvas that’s found in craft stores.
    I used to hate making fresh rolls until I found these plates! Now we have them all the time.

    1. Hi Corrabelle,

      Thank you for your comment! That is a great idea! I often go to a hardware store to getting crafting tools…much cheaper. Cheers and happy eating!

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