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Chicken & Waffles in a bag?

“I will try some after you take a photo,” says the Husband.  He knows me so well, ha ha.  I consider myself a food blogger on the amateur level and usually blog about the foods in my everyday world.  If, I find something interesting and worth blogging about I am ALWAYS playing paparazzi before my taste buds can even get in line.

A new day, a new blog?  But of course.  The Husband and I were watching TV the other night and a commercial came on for Lays and their new flavors for potato chips.  They were, for a limited time, releasing the finalists:  Chicken & Waffles, Sriracha and Cheesy Garlic Bread.  The Chicken & Waffles and Sriracha immediately caught our attention so the very next day I went on another food adventure hunting for the new flavored chips.

While everyone was buying their Valentine cards, chocolates and candies, I was buying mine chips.  I didn’t get the third flavor as it didn’t seem like anything special.


This morning we decided to try the two bags.  Though I am not a huge chip fan, I was intrigued.  First up, the Chicken & Waffles.  I opened the bag, took a whiff and popped one in my mouth.  The Husband grabbed a few and did the same.  So, what did we think?  Interesting, but the chicken didn’t translate at all.  There were hints of seasonings (that may be used to spice chicken) but the definite tone of the chip was a sweet syrup flavor.  The chip was too sweet for me and quite a disappointment.IMG_4278

Up next, the Sriracha.  I was excited about this one because sriracha is a staple in my kitchen.  It tastes good on rice, chicken, veggies and anything!  I opened the bag, gave it a whiff and immediately it smelled of Sriracha.  I was excited!

The Sriracha chip had an orange/reddish tint with dark flecks.  It smelled and tasted a lot like Sriracha!  It gave my taste buds a jump-start and quite an enjoyable ride!  Just like the plastic bottle of the real stuff, the chips left just enough tingle on my lips and tongue.  Delicious!

Now, after being a bit disappointed with the Chicken & Waffles I think I will have to give the Cheesy Garlic Bread chips a try but so far, Sriracha is the winner in my book!

Cheers and happy eating!


2 thoughts on “Chicken & Waffles in a bag?

  1. Ah! I saw the chicken and waffles in the store today and I immediately thought of you. I wish I woulda bought the sriracha ones, I’ll do that tomorrow!

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