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Korean Side Dishes: Pickled Radish


I don’t know about you but when I get on a food kick it seems to last for quite some time.  For me, my current food kick is with Korean food.  It must be in my blood to crave it.  Last time I made bulgogi I used some leftovers for my banchan, or side dishes.  I decided to make bulgogi again but this time I was going to create some more authentic (more like my favorite Korean restaurant) side dishes to go along with dinner.

Part I:  Pickled radish muchim

What you will need:

1 cup pickled radish, halved (you can find this in the cold section at most Asian markets)

1/2 T of the radish liquid from packet (or from your own, if you make)

2 T sliced green onions

1 T red pepper powder

1 T black sesame oil

1/2 T toasted sesame seeds

What you will do:

1.  In a bowl, add all the ingredients, except sesame seeds, and toss to mix.  Finish with sesame seeds and done!

Super easy!

Cheers and happy eating!


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