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Korean Side Dishes: Soybean Sprout Salad


Part IV: Soybean Sprout Salad

What you will need:

2 c soybean sprouts, washed

1 1/2 T green onion, sliced thin

1 tsp minced garlic

1/4 tsp salt

1 T toasted sesame seeds

1 T black sesame oil

What you will do:

1.  Boil soybean sprouts for 10 minutes.  Drain and set aside to cool.

2.  Transfer to bowl and add the remaining ingredients and toss and serve warm or chilled.

Cheers and happy eating!


6 thoughts on “Korean Side Dishes: Soybean Sprout Salad

  1. It looks really fresh and elegant! I recently discovered toasted sesame seeds, and I’m falling in love with their flavor. I’m sure it pairs wonderfully with the soybean sprouts!

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