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Mango & Cucumber Salsa

Mangoes are one of my favorite fruit.  My love affair for them really came from living in Thailand and having mangoes readily available to me at my beck and call.  There are so many different varieties of mangoes but the end result is all the same…sweet and juicy fruit that is delicious in so many ways.

Here is my recipe for a simple but delicious mango and cucumber salsa.

photo 1

What you will need:

2 ripe mangoes, diced

1/2 english cucumber, seeded and diced

1/2 medium red onion, diced

1 c cilantro, chopped

salt and pepper

fresh lime juice, 1-2 limes depending on how juicy they are

photo 4

What you will do:

1.  Dice the mango, cucumber, and onion and put in a bowl.  To this add the cilantro, salt and pepper (to taste) and lime juice.  Start with the juice of 1 lime and taste.  You are looking for a good balance between the sour, sweet, and salty.  This salsa can be made in advance and left in the fridge for the flavors to further incorporate.

photo 3

This salsa is perfect for fish, meat or with your favorite corn tortilla chips.  It is light and fresh and perfect for the warm summer days.  

TIP:  For a kick, add 2-3 Thai chilies for heat.  

Cheers and happy eating!


3 thoughts on “Mango & Cucumber Salsa

  1. I used to like mangoes when I was a kid, but a few overly ripe sweet ones made me an instant hater. However…I always buy mango salsa to put on my fish tacos. Geez this salsa looks so easy to make, I’ll have to weigh out my options next time I go to Fresh and Easy.

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