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Phnom Penh…Vancouver?

The Husband and I are on holiday.  We started in Seattle and have made our way to Vancouver.  Vancouver, just like Seattle, is absolutely beautiful and there is no shortage for food.  My last blog post ‘Dim Sum at Din Tai Fung‘ got a comment from a fellow blogger Nicole S. and she told me she had heard of this place in Vancouver called Phnom Penh and she heard it was great.  The Husband and I have been to Cambodia (Siem Reap, not Phnom Penh) and were game for trying some Cambodian food.  After all, some of our best meals came from recommendations from others.

This food adventure to Cambodia and Vietnam did not disappoint!  Thank you Nicole!  Below are some of the photos from our meal.  

photo 1

Phnom Penh, located on E. Georgia Street and Main St. in Vancouver.  244 E. Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC.


On first glance it doesn’t look like anything fancy but step inside and it will instantly carry you to Cambodia.  There were the most gorgeous pictures of Angkor Wat on the wall.  There was also a wooden carving like the ones at Angkor Thom.  The Husband and I were saying being there made us want to go back to Asia ASAP!

photo 3

All of Vancouver cannot be wrong!

photo 4

This place was pretty full at 16:00 hrs. We had read online that there can often be a 40 minute wait on weekends.  I can definitely believe it.


Nicely decorated bar with accents from Asia.


Love this!

photo 4

Great tea.

photo 2

My very handsome Husband who is always willing to wait to eat so I can take a thousand photos first, love him!

photo 1

Sautéed pea tips with garlic. 

photo 1

The house speciality and what they are known for: the Phnom Penh Deep-fried chicken wings with dipping sauce, or #78 on their menu. The dipping sauce tasted like lemon juice and black pepper powder.  This was a small plate for $8.25.

photo 3

#82 or Phnom Penh stew beef in hot-pot.  This dish was absolutely delicious!  The broth was so rich in flavors that I could have drunk the broth like it was ice water on a hot summer day. A great dish for $12.50.

photo 2

Loved this dish.  I, of course, couldn’t wait until it cooled and burned my tongue on a carrot but totally worth it!


Not bad for a great meal for two.  

If you are ever in the Vancouver area make your way to this great eatery.  It was a little funny hearing Usher and Lady Gaga playing but that was really no different from many restaurants when we lived in Thailand.  I do admit, I miss that this menu didn’t have photographs (like many menus do in Asia) but we managed just fine.  Their menu has 127 items including drinks and desserts.  A must try when you are looking for delicious and authentic Cambodian or Vietnamese food.  Apparently, the owners are from Cambodia and Vietnam hence the combined menu.

Cheers and happy eating!


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