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The Rotunda @ Neiman Marcus San Francisco

Who knew that I would have to travel half way around the world to meet such a wonderful friend, who like myself, grew up on the West Coast.  Well, that is exactly what I had to do to meet my friend Lindsey.  Just like my Husband, her Husband’s job took them to Thailand where we would eventually meet at the Pattaya Orphanage where we both volunteered as Pre-School English Teachers.  Lindsey arrived in Thailand at the end of 2011, while we were getting ready to leave the following May.  Regardless of our short time together we traveled, we taught English and we ate!  Food is a necessary component to sustain life but eating to live is boring…we lived to eat!

I was happy to see her last October when she was home for a visit and she is back again almost a year later.  It is always exciting to see a friend after some time but yet things don’t seem to have skipped a beat.  I thought long and hard about something nice we could do while she was here and I remembered this most beautiful restaurant on the 4th floor of the Neiman Marcus building in Union Square.  I thought it would be perfect to go have tea there and be those ladies who lunched back in Thailand (don’t get me wrong, not the snooty type of ladies but the ones who, for the most part, didn’t have much else to do and were hungry!).  I made a booking and it just so happened it was the first full day that the new Eastern span of the Bay Bridge was open.  So, we hopped in the convertible and off we went.

photo 4

(Photo credit: Lindsey N.)

The new bridge was beautiful, crisp white and wide open.  Not to mention, we didn’t fall in so I think the bridge will be okay.

photo 1

When we got there, they must only serve tea between certain hours so we got lunch, not to worry at all!  Their menu is amazing!  They bring out a tiny tea-cup filled with the most delicious chicken broth and a petite puff bread.  I kept saying the broth was so good and it was like I was drinking a whole cooked chicken.  Simply amazing!

photo 2

I guess I still wanted my tea.  They had a great selection of iced teas.  

photo 3

These funny little shaped things are called popovers.  Similar to a Yorkshire Pudding, a popover is a hollow roll made from an egg batter.  It was served with a strawberry butter…yum!  You can thank a muffin tin for its interesting and conversation provoking shape.

photo 4

For an appetizer we ordered a cheese platter with 4 local cheeses, some thinly sliced baguette, nuts, honey and a jam.  Every time I eat amazing cheeses I thank the stars I am not allergic!

photo 5

And now for the main event…my lunch.  I ordered an open-faced brioche sandwich with smoked salmon, avocado and egg salad topped with micorgreens served alongside a delicate salad of fennel and arugula.  It was amazing!  A perfect lunch sitting on the 4th floor while visiting with a good friend and staring out the window at the gorgeous Union Square with Tiffany’s in the background.  Any girls dream, right?

photo 2

The Rotunda.  It is beautiful!  A picture can not do it justice.  It is a must visit for a lovely lunch when visiting San Francisco.  photo 1

Lindsey and 3

If you ever come to the City (as us locals like to call it) and are looking for a special place to lunch visit The Rotunda.  Make a booking in advance to ensure you get a seat as this place can be busy during peak travel times.  I made a booking and requested a window seat and they happily accommodated.  A great lunch with a good friend.

Cheers and happy eating!


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