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Cheese? Yes, Please!

Traditions span across cultures, between families and friends and now I can add cheese to the list.  Yes, turkeys on the 4th Thursday in November are tradition but I have never thought of cheese as a tradition but that is exactly what this cheese is for the Pacheco Family of Achadinha Cheese Company in Petaluma, California (for more information visit their website, click here).  The Pacheco family has been making cheese since 1955.  The current generation consists of Jim and Donna Pacheco and their 4 children.

Yesterday, the Husband and I were passing through Orinda and decided to stop at the farmer’s market.  I was wanting to get a couple of tomatoes for a future blog post.  As we made our way down the first aisle and rounded the corner, there stood Ali who offered us tastes of all the different cheeses.  We sampled about 6 or 7 different cheeses and landed on two cheeses; Broncha – a blend of goat & cow milk that was similar to a cheddar and their California Crazy Curd – a curd cheese flavored with garlic and herbs.

Ali is just one of many who sell Achadinha cheeses at farmer’s markets around the Bay Area.  She was so helpful and her enthusiasm and knowledge of the cheeses is definitely what sold us.

photo 1

photo 4

photo 2
photo 1

Ali, Orinda’s farmers market cheese seller.  Super sweet girl!

photo 3

We stopped at Trader Joes on the way home from the farmer’s market and picked up some salami and baguette and along with our Achadinha cheeses, our farmer’s market fresh strawberries and garlic stuff olives we also picked up at the farmer’s market, we had ourselves a fun little lunch!

photo 2

The California Crazy Curd and Broncha Cheese.  Their website offers tours of their farm and cheese making classes.  I think the Husband and I have our next day trip!

If you visit any of the local farmer’s markets in the Bay Area look for the booth with the Achadinha Cheeses and look for Ali!

Cheers and happy eating!

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