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Victory Burger, North Oakland, California

Happy Birthday America! Today is the 4th of July and it is quite different than past years since it is no longer just the Husband and I. With our newest addition being only 2 months we won’t be going to watch fireworks tonight with the hoards of people but we did want to go do something since the Husband is off and it was such a nice day in the Bay Area. We went to check out a new burger spot in North Oakland called Victory Burger (Alcatraz and San Pablo Ave). The Husband had seen it as he was on the way to his Mom’s and always said there were a lot of people. A lot of people at an eatery = good food!
It’s a cute little eatery with outdoor seating and a few tables inside. They have one long table (which I love) for people to eat and mingle. We opted or one of the small tables so we could park our stroller.
Their menu had a good selection of burgers, including a BOTW (burger of the week). The Husband got a Victory Burger with cheddar and added avocado, I got their BBQ pork and fried egg arepa (so good! And I had been wanting to try one after seeing an episode of Throwdown featuring arepas) and we shared some garlic parm fries. BTW…most places that serve garlic and Parmesan fries use grated Parmesan , almost like the packaged stuff from the pizza guy, but not this place! You will find huge pieces of peeled Parmesan…Score! Ooh yum! Each meal is served with some pickles, and pickled radishes…LOVE!




Victory Burger is a great little addition to North Oakland. Great food to satisfy any foodies appetite and a reasonably priced menu; just about $30 for the two of us with drinks. It had been awhile since I have been on a ‘food adventure’ and this spot did not disappoint!


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