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The Habit Burger Grill, San Ramon, California

Today, the Husband and I tired The Habit Burger Grill. We have been hearing about this place from everyone and everywhere! People are claiming it’s the best burger spot around, so you know we had to try.

For those of you who know me, know I love my burgers! Put a burger or ice cream in front of me and I am going for the burger. I haven’t had the $600 dollar burger in Vegas but I have had burgers from Burger King, to a beach in Thailand, to a burger sitting atop Hong Kong on Victorias Peak. Burgers seem easy enough but there is quite a bit of skill that goes in to making a burger that you would go back for.
I ordered the BBQ charred bacon burger. The Husband got the same, and a side of fries and a side of onion rings. His came as a double without bacon but it wasn’t worth getting back in the long line to remedy the burger mishap. I have to says the burger was good, not amazing like some have been claiming, but good and I would go back. The burger came with shredded lettuce and I don’t usually like my lettuce shred but on this burger it works nicely. But I have to say the best thing about this burger, the most standout from the rest, was the bun. The bun had the best char around the edges that gave it a crunchy, crispy and firm yet soft texture. I loved how they toasted the bun and the rest complimented it well!

The fries were good. Skinny, crispy fries that hold up well to the ketchup but the onion rings…delicious! They were so crispy and crunchy and you could see the salt added right after the fryer…yum! Not to mention, when you bite into them they don’t pull the entire onion out and then you are left with batter like some places!

And finally, you can always get me back when you serve peporconcinnis! I am not talking. About the kind In n Out serves but those kind that are small, shriveled up and full of sweetness and slightly spicy! I could eat them all, and almost did!
Overall, a great food adventure and we got to see what all the hype was about. I would go back again next time we see one!

Cheers and happy eating!


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