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Cholita Linda Tacos @ Jack London Square

This blog post is dedicated to my friend, and fellow food lover, Mei. For as I write this she is patiently awaiting (literally minutes away from going into labor, past due)the arrival of her first child, Aiden.
Mei, Seng and I went to the Jack London farmers market, what seems like years ago, a week after I found out I was pregnant last September. Mei raved about these fish tacos, so I knew we had to try them. They were delicious…and if you love fish tacos you know try aren’t always up to par. I remember one eatery in town offered fish tacos in their menu but they were frozen fish sticks that were fried and dropped on a tortilla- WTF?!?! Not these tacos from Cholita Linda! These are real pieces of fish, fried with a crispy outer with flakey and tender, not to mention, juicy center and topped with a mind boggling red sauce, cabbage and crema. Can you say Delicious?
They not only offer fish tacos, they also offer braised pork or tofu tacos. Their menu advertises they can make the tacos vegan upon request, nice touch with today’s variety of eaters!

The Husband ordered the braised pork tacos and said “they were really good, especially the sauce.” I remember Mei and I were trying to figure out what was in the sauce…we failed! Ha ha!

The braised pork tacos

The fish tacos

It was a bit overcast and cool today but that didn’t stop us from getting some awesome tacos with sauce that really takes the cake! The Jack London Square Farmers is open year round, on Sundays, from 9-2. It has quite a few delicious looking food stalls, that we will be sure to try them all, and other great items; fresh fruits and veggies, honey, bar soap, sweet treats and more!
If you are in Oakland, go by on a Sunday and check out Cholita Linda! They are at the end of the Farmers Market by the flag poles with the bicycles!


Cheers and happy eating!


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