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Watermelon & Arugula Salad with Feta

I don’t always need a calendar to tell me it’s summer.  I can always tell it’s summer by a few cues; 1.  the radio will play “Summertime” by Will Smith, 2.  the nights are clearly lighter longer, and 3.  watermelons flood every grocery store and every farmers market.

Not too long ago some friends and I hosted a baby shower for our friend and I made this salad for the party.  It was a big hit, not to mention a healthy salad full of flavor and it looks pretty and screams summer!

What you will need:

Serves 10-12

1 package of arugula

3/4 of a seedless watermelon, cubed

6 oz of feta cheese

1 bunch mint, chopped

For the dressing:

1/4 c good olive oil

1/3 c fresh lemon juice

1/3 c fresh orange juice

1 shallot, finely minced

2 T agave nectar, or honey

Salt and Pepper to taste
photo 1

What you will do:

1.  Make the dressing and taste to see if it need any adjustment with the seasoning.

2.  On a platter arrange the arugula, top the arugula with the cubed watermelon and top with feta and mint.  Dress the salad right before serving to avoid downing the arugula.  Serve and enjoy!

photo 2


Yes, this is salad is really that easy!  When making the dressing, I like to make mine is a mason jar.  You can just add all the ingredients, put the lid on tight and shake.  This salad is sure to be a hit at your next picnic, dinner party or backyard bbq!The pictures are from a retirement party I planned and I was making enough to serve 50-60 (second platter not shown).

Cheers and happy eating!


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      1. Hey, you’ve got amazing Korean food blog, it’s one of my fav cuisine…
        <3<3 it 😛

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