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Thai Beef Salad, the sequel

photo 1When I first started this blog, I had just returned home from living in Thailand for 21 months and all I could think about was Thai food.  I was eager to cook all the wonderful foods we had experienced while living abroad, not to mention put my cooking class skills to good use.  I made laap mu, or pork salad as it is one of the Husband’s favorite dishes.  Since making it, newly repatriated, I have made it several more times and sharpened my skills quite a bit.

Yesterday, I took the little man, aka Dominic, to the local farmers market.  I put him in the baby carrier and we wandered around, with my $20 in hand, looking for some fresh goodies.  The farmers market I go to carries a lot of the Asian veggies and that is one of the main reasons I like it.

I made some laap, also spelled larp, laab or many other variations, for the Husband and I for lunch.  Below is my most recent version for this recipe.

What you will need:

1 lb of ground beef (chicken or pork can be used as well, turkey is a little too lean)

4 small limes (depending on how juicy)

3 stalks of lemongrass, just the ends, finely sliced

3 green onions, minced both whites and greens

1/2 small red onion, sliced thin

1/2 bunch of fresh minced, chopped

1/2 cilantro, chopped

1 T toasted rice powder*

4-6 T fish sauce

Chili powder or flakes (optional)

What you will do:

1.  In a skillet, brown meat, breaking it up at the same time.  As the meat has almost cooked through add about 1/4 c water and stir well.  When cooked, turn heat off and set aside.

2.  In a bowl, add the lemongrass, the green onion, red onion, cilantro, and mint.  Squeeze the limes and add fish sauce.  Give a good mix and then add the meat.  Stir well to incorporate all the ingredients.  Taste a small amount and adjust the seasonings as needed.  Finish with rice powder and chilies, stir again.  Serve with sliced cucumber, lettuce leaves and sticky rice.

*To make the toasted rice powder, use sticky rice or regular rice, toast in a pan until golden brown and then use a mortar and pestle to grind into fine powder.

The wonderful thing about cooking is everyone has their special touch.  The Husband likes his laap with a lot of lime.  This batch didn’t have the toasted rice (made this in about 20 minutes, in a rush) and I left out the chilies (Baby wouldn’t like that).  I cannot stress how important it is to taste and adjust seasonings!!!

This is a very easy dish, full of fresh flavors and textures…your mouth will thank you!

photo 2

Cheers and happy eating!



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