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Chicken Caeasr Salad Flatbreadbread Pizza


This past weekend I celebrated a birthday.  I won’t say how old but let’s just say my friends and I were daning to Wreckx-N-Effect at grad night, ha ha.  So, anyways, I spent this past weekend eating and drinking some bubbly and vino.  Monday night I said, “we might as well order pizza since we have been splurging” but we opted for Hawaiin Bbq instead, hahaha. 

I still had a taste for pizza and while at Trader Joes I saw some flatbread take and bake…this gave me an idea.  I had already been thinking about Caesar wraps because I had some romaine, parm cheese and dressing in the fridge already.  I thought why not make a pizza? The flatbread could av like croutons.  

I bought the flatbreads, some chicken thighs and some Cherry tomatoes and this is what I did.

What you will need:

2 Flatbreads

Cherry tomatoes, quartered

4 boneless/skinless chicken thighs

Parm cheese

Romaine lettuce, shred

2 T Caesar dressing

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

What you will do:

1.  In a skillet, add about 2 T olive oil and bring up to temp.  Add the cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper and let cook down.  The tomatoes will give off their juices and soften to a nice tomato sauce.  Set aside when done.

2.  Pan grill the chicken thighs seasoned with s&p.  When cooked chop into bite sized pieces and set aside.

3.  Toss the shtedded romaine in the dressing and set aside.  Assemble the pizzas.  On each flatbread spread tomato sauce.  Grate some cheese on top (just a thin layer).  Add some chicken and a little more cheese.  Bake in a pre-heated oven (follow package for temp) for 8-10 minutes or until flatbreads are crisped up.  Remove from oven, cut, and then top with the romaine.  Eat immediately!  

That’s it! My idea for a chicken Caesar salad pizza!  Plus, satisfied my pizza craving at a way healthier version!

Cheers and happy eating! 


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