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Marriage and Sushi

Before our son was born we still managed to get to the movies, though being 7 months pregnant it doesn’t help that you have to get up to use the restroom 20 times during the movie.  After my son was born (almost a year ago) we have made it to zero movies until yesterday.

Yesterday, the Husband and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary.  Earlier in the week, we did a family trip to Monterey and yesterday, on our actual anniversary date, we dropped the kiddo off at my parents house so we could have a lunch and movie date.  Now, I know this isn’t the way some would spend their anniversary but us going to a movie (at the theater) is a HUGE deal!

My parents live in Napa so we went downtown for lunch at Eiko’s.  I told the Husband I would like sushi and he was happy with that for lunch too.  I grew up in Napa and downtown used to be a sorry little area until recent years.  It is fantastic down there now (minus some remaining damage from the earthquake).  We enjoyed our lunch so much and most of all a little alone time.


We started off with the crispy shrimp gyoza.  They were delicious.  Made in house and crisped to perfection.


The gyoza were piping hot but somehow I managed to stuff them in my face without burning my tongue.


We each got a Dungeness crab hand roll.  Great minds must think alike because we both honed in on it on the specials menu. We may have been married for 5 years but when it comes to food, we don’t share too well, ha ha!


I loved the chopsticks holder.  It is Napa Valley after all, right?


This was the Spicy A’s roll; spicy tuna topped with avocado, tobiko and a spicy A-1 sauce (didn’t taste like A-1 to me).


The Lion Roll.  Snow crab and avocado, topped with torched salmon, sesame sauce and tobiko.  This one was really good.  The salmon had just the right amount of char flavor.


This was a great little sushi spot for a perfect lunch with my love.  I loved all the Japanese paper hanging about the sushi bar. After having the kiddo, life has never been the same.  Yes, we talked about how lovely our wedding day was but the majority of the conversation revolved around the greatest thing we have, our son.  After lunch we went to see the Avengers and loved that too!  A perfect anniversary date with my Husband.


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