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Monterey Market

I can’t believe I have never heard of this market.  Monterey Market, located at 1550 Hopkins Street in Berkeley (CA) is one of my new favorite markets.  I wish I could say I just happened to be strolling along in Berkeley and discovered it but that would be a lie, instead I found it by the second best method to self-discovery – someone told me about it.  One of the Husband’s co-workers wife told me about this market and said she liked it and it had an amazing selection of produce.  I knew I had to check it out! Today was the day. 

Now, I didn’t necessarily NEED anything but I wanted to go look around (for next time) and not only did I look but I touched and I bought, ha ha. The market had a fairly small parking lot.  I would actually recommend finding a spot on the street as the parking lot was busy and a little crazy (and this was at 11:30 am on a Tuesday).

The shopping carts were located just outside the entrance, got one, wiped it down, plopped the kid in the basket and buckled him in and we were off.  Immediately, when you walk in your are greeted by the most colorful fruits and veggies.  My eyes were in heaven.  Everything looked so fresh and colorful and ready to be eaten.  Tons of goodies as you walk in, I thought, “even if this was all there was I would love this place!” Monterey Market has a huge selection of organically grown items as well as non-organic.  Really good prices on the citrus too.I got a small pineapple for the family.  The Husband and the kiddo love pineapple.  ‘Shroom heaven! So many types of mushrooms.  I didn’t need any today but will be back for them soon.  Much better selection than Berkeley Bowl in this area.  I found this one little display of all things England.  My British Mother would surely like some of these goodies.  The bulk bins, located near the check out.  Lots of fresh herbs. I just love he rainbow of peppers and squash.  Good price on the small avocados.  The market does have a few isles of regular items.  It wouldn’t be too hard to find most of what you need.    The regular items they have are high in price.  I wouldn’t recommend buying much more than your produce here or you will be paying for it.  So, I always get happy when I see some food I have never heard of.  I come home, research it, and think of ways to use it.  I came across this black raddish.  So, apparently a black raddish is similar to its smaller, red raddish cousin but is slightly bitter, much larger and obviously has a darker skin.  It can be braised in cream like you would a turnip.  Sounds interesting.  Lemongrass.  Not sure if this is a great deal right now, but they looked good.   

  Fresh artichokes are everywhere right now.  The ones at Monterey Market were $1.39 and not as good looking as the Trader Joe’s ones that are on sale for $0.99 right now.  Maybe different quality, I will try one next time.
I love finding new markets.  Going to the grocery store is one of my favorite things.  Strange, I know.  When the Husband and I lived in Thailand I would spend my days at the outdoor markets, the indoor markets, and the grocery stores.  I loved to look at everything.  I hope the boy has as much interest as his Mama one day.  I am constantly talking to him about the items and he listens, hahaha! 


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