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Steamed Egg in Earthenware Bowl

This past weekend we had some guests over for sundubu kimchi jjigae, and as a result I am now the proud owner of 4 new earthenware bowls w/lids (might I add, ha ha).  My brain has been going wild with thoughts of dishes (and blog posts) to make with my new favorite kitchen toy. Each… Continue reading Steamed Egg in Earthenware Bowl

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Crispy Potato Tart

On Saturday, we celebrated Father’s Day early.  I asked the Husband if he wanted to bbq and we could have my parents over.  I told him to see if his Mom and his brother and sis-in-law wanted to come too.  It has been really lovely weather lately so I figured we could eat outside and… Continue reading Crispy Potato Tart

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Korean Kimchi Pancake (kimchijeon)

For about 3+ weeks now I have been craving a kimchi pancake.  I have often thought about ordering a take away from Bowl’d on Solano but parking isn’t always the easiest and I can’t just run in with the kiddo in the car, so that hasn’t happened.  Then I thought about making one but didn’t… Continue reading Korean Kimchi Pancake (kimchijeon)

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Baked Sweet Potato Coins

With my son now eating table foods I have had to rethink all my menu ideas.  For the first year of his life I was making a meal for the Husband and I and also food for him (mind you he had to eat purées and we didn’t want to, ha ha).  So, now at… Continue reading Baked Sweet Potato Coins

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Gochujang & Cilantro Coleslaw

I am always looking for shortcuts now that I am a new (well, my boy is almost 10 months) Mom.  This morning my little guy and I went to my parents for our weekly visit, but before we did I put on our dinner for tonight.  I threw some pork into the crockpot and added… Continue reading Gochujang & Cilantro Coleslaw

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Korean Pickled Cucumbers

If you are a reader of my blog, you will know I have been posting a lot of Korean recipes. I thought I would add this to the list…Korean pickled cucumbers. If you have ever gone to a Korean restaurant you will notice they always give you these little side dishes, or banchan. I have… Continue reading Korean Pickled Cucumbers

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Korean Dumplings with Gochujang Dipping Sauce

Life with a little one is a new adventure each and everyday.  It is so much fun seeing our little guy grow and turn into his own person.  I enjoy my job as his Mom and he is a good baby when it comes to me getting to the store.  I just pop him in… Continue reading Korean Dumplings with Gochujang Dipping Sauce